The Meaning of Vedas


Translator’s Foreword

Statement of Hypothesis

Biodata of the Author

Chapter 1: The Interpretation of Ŗgveda

Chapter 2: Taurids

Chapter 3: Rudra and Maruts - 1

Chapter 4: Rudra and Maruts - 2

Chapter 5: Meteoric Showers, Rudra and Indus Civilization

Chapter 6: Agasti and Skanda

Chapter 7: Indus Civilization, Natural Glass and Soma

Chapter 8: Seals from the Indus Civilization - 1

Chapter 9: Seals from the Indus Civilization - 2

Chapter 10: Pravargya Ritual

Chapter 11: Vedic Pottery and Gray-ware

Chapter 12: Indus Civilization, Vedic Literature and Soma

Chapter 13: Āditya and Unicorn

Chapter 14: Birth of Indra – A Catastrophe Described

The Light from Vedas - I

Chapter 15: Vishnu from Ŗgveda

Chapter 16: Comets, Craters and Puranas

Chapter 17: Sautramani andMahavrata

Chapter 18: 3102 B.C.

Chapter 19: Glass Technology - Mayasabha

Chapter 20: Bhaga, Savitr and Pushan

Chapter 21: Skanda in Mahabharata

Chapter 22: References from Mahabharata

Chapter 23: Ashwinikumars

Chapter 24: Ekata, Dvita and Trita

Chapter 25: Darshapurnamasa Ishti

The Light from Vedas - II

Chapter 26: Tragic Tale of a Ravaged City - 1

Chapter 27: Tragic Tale of a Ravaged City - 2

Chapter 28: The Unquestionable Validity of Vedas

Chapter 29: The Light from Vedas

Pronunciation Symbols and Key to Transliteration



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